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The first of Misfit's 2016 ‘Modern Cloud Control’ Collection with an overall design emphasis on free-flowing, progressive shapes, the ‘DIAMOND DANCER’ is the highly anticipated follow up model to the ‘MERMAID KILLER’.

The DIAMOND DANCER displays our unique “Feeder” channel, running from the nose (minimal) to tail (more pronounced) to project water through the bottom of the board at high velocity. Additionally, there is a slight concave either side of the feeder, which combined gives the board incredible lift and a sensation of floating on top of the water.

The rails are a forgiving medium profile with a slight continuous edge underneath, which gives the board hold, yet incredible directional control and sensitivity. The outline is a curvier take on the MK with approx. 1” more width yet a narrower nose profile, which gives an elliptical outline curve, what does that mean? Smoother transitions and better in-the-pocket control. This, combined with a single flyer and favoured diamond tail, also lends itself to smaller wave conditions, but overall this board is incredibly versatile in anything up to 5-6ft, it enables free flowing rail-to-rail transitions, tight turning arcs and max directional control. 

  • Construction: PU
  • Fin Configuration: 5-fin
  • Fin System: FCS II, Futures
  • Rails: Medium
  • Tail Shape: Diamond
  • Recommended Wave Size: 2-5ft

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